Frequently Asked Questions

  • Could we arrange a phone call to discuss whether the project we have in mind fits the focus of your foundation?
  • No, it is our policy to not discuss grant requests with applicants or potential applicants outside of, or in advance of, the formal grant review process. The grant application process is explained on the Foundation website. If the grant review committee has questions about an application during the review process, we will contact the applicant to discuss.
  • Would you consider giving a grant to a for-profit group?
  • The Doctors Company Foundation can give only to a non-profit entity. Your group may work in conjunction with a non-profit group or education institution.
  • Is there a limit to the size of the submitted proposal?
  • There is no limit. We encourage the proposal to be succinct and to add appendices and background materials. Bio sketches should be brief.
  • Is there a budget cap on grants you award?
  • The Doctors Company Foundation is a small foundation with limited funds. Partial awards are sometimes given.
  • We would like a no-cost extension of time to the project you funded; is this possible?
  • Yes. Please send an e-mail request and explanation for individual approval.
  • May we shift expenses within the budget amount you approved for our grant?
  • Yes. Please send an e-mail request and explanation for individual approval.
  • Can we submit more than one proposal?
  • Yes.
  • Our proposal was not selected this year; can we resubmit it next year?
  • Once rejected, a proposal will not be reconsidered.
  • What are the requirements for the progress report and the final evaluation?
  • Guidelines for reports are on the upper right of the Grant Application Process page.
  • Our proposal was not selected. Could we please talk to you to find out how to improve it?
  • Most submitted proposals are for worthwhile projects and each one is reviewed in detail and discussed at our Grant Review Committee meetings. The approval process is very competitive. Ultimately only a few grants are approved each year. We do not provide specific reasons for non-approval.

Grants Awarded

Learn how past recipients are helping to promote and support research that enhances patient safety.

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