Grant Eligibility and Criteria

The Foundation seeks applicants who can demonstrate innovative approaches, produce measurable patient/clinician outcomes, and disseminate findings that result in widespread use to improve patient safety across the healthcare community.

Applicants must be:

Nonprofit entities
Able to demonstrate patient/clinician outcomes
Able to demonstrate innovative approaches
Able to disseminate findings publicly
Based in the United States, with proposed projects undertaken within the United States
  • Projects aiming to reduce healthcare costs while improving patient safety are encouraged.
  • The Foundation will fund only the direct costs associated with a project.

The Foundation does not support:

  • Educational lectures or conferences that are not associated with a proven method to determine post-lecture or post-conference change in behavior or outcome.
  • Convening of experts to discuss a problem.
  • Ideas or concepts for change that have not had at least an initial small trial of proof of concept.
  • Routine safety systems that should be part of normal operations.
  • Clinical research projects primarily involving the provision of medical support services to patients.
  • Construction projects and the purchase of equipment/capital campaigns.